Tuesday, 17 August 2021

RSD - Guide, Tips and Titles

The official list has been announced, keep checking over the coming weeks and we will list expected titles for our shop below....

Saturday 18th June

At the moment though restrictions have eased we will still operate the following system as an act of reassurance to all,

Be aware some outside may still wish to Social distance
Max of 1 instore (One in one out)
Mask optional not mandatory instore
List of titles and tips below
One title of each up to max 10
OK to rejoin any queue if over 10 items required
Freebies for first few

TOILETS-Mold Bus Station , Chester Street (opp. The Fat Boar pub)
and Daniel Owen Community Centre (off Daniel Owen Square by Post Office)

Complying with current Welsh Government guidance. Any changes would be advised ahead of the day but we just want to make it safe and as close as possible to normality plus most of all fun!

regular updates for RSD right up to the day(s)
There maybe a few late additions..so keep watching!

Q. What is Record Store Day (RSD)
A. It is the one day of the year when hundreds of independent record shops all across the UK come together to celebrate their unique culture. Special vinyl releases are made exclusively for the day and many shops host events to mark the occasion. In addition thousands more shops celebrate the day around the globe in what’s become one of the biggest annual events on the music calendar

General VOD Music guide for RSD

•Shop open at 8am until 4pm on Record Store Day .
•All RSD product is sold on a first come first served basis, in store only.
•No items can be reserved or pre-ordered.
•Ony 1 title per person of each release to a maximum of 10 different titles per person.
•Should you want more than 10 items it is OK to re-join the queue.
•Card Payments as well as Cash Sales.
•You can use VOD Music vouchers on RSD..

If there is a title(s) you are desperate to pick up on the day we recommend you
get to the shop early to get as near to the front of the queue as possible.

There will be a exclusive FREEBIES for the first few customers.

Remember that all RSD titles are extremely limited and although we will do our very best to get multiples of any we have in for the day it is not always possible due to incredible demand from Record Stores across the Globe.

Good idea to write down what you are after and list a few other options just in case.

We will list anything that is arriving for the day on our RSD page, so be sure to check this before joining the queue.

Confirmations are listed in the run up to RSD with a price list viewable the night before the day. We always aim to sell as cheap as we  possibly can. A physical price list will be also available on the day and its generally handed down the queue to browse before getting to the counter. Those with Smart Phones or Tablets can check our Website RSD page online.

Wear suitable clothing if joining the queue early as it can be nippy early in the day and open to the elements. Should it rain,  we can put our Shop canopy up if required and there is some cover under nearby shop overhang which very handy - where the queue lines up....hopefully though this wont be necessary.

7 is a 7 inch 10 is a 10 inch, 12 is a 12 inch etc..
Boxsets 10 x7 is 10 singles etc...
Cassette is Cass.
Compact Disc is CD
* 12 inch and LP Titles will be A-Z in boxes as listed below.
*7 inch Singles 10 inch and Singles will be located seperately but will also be A-Z.

THE LIST OF TITLES..if priced these will definately be in.
there WILL be late additions -  so keep checking in the up to 18th June

RSD DROP- some stellar titles! 
This will be on Saturday 18th June.
Bebop Deluxe-Live in the Air age 1977 3LP £35
Field Music-Plumb LP £25
OST-Ennio Morricone , Sans Mobile Apparent LP £30
Tangerine Dream-Alpha Centauri LP plus 12 £27
The Rationals-The Rationals LP £20
Various-Soul Jazz Records Presents DYNAMITE! Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica 2LP £30
Various-Soul Jazz Records Presents STUDIO ONE CLASSICS 2LP £30
Various Artists-Go Ahead Punk...Make My Day LP £26

Just to note all releases above are exclusive releases and will never have been in this format before, be it unreleased material, coloured vinyl, picture disc etc. All to extremely limited in many cases runs of just 500 pressed, with around 260 shops participating in the UK you can see that in some cases after doing the Maths there maybe only a few possible for each store. All will be priced before the day and there may be some additions and some titles removed before RSD so keep checking.

Note there are usually a few late arrivals available on the day but too late to be listed.
One exception is THE UNDERTONES RSD release which has been moved to Black Friday in November.

This is an additional Drop this year for RSD , this will be titles that couldnt be pressed in time for the main event back on 23rd April,Full details on each item visit www.recordstoreday.co.uk

Our shop will also open 10am-1pm Sunday 19th June
to allow browsing of left overs from RSD
In addition the RSD organisers have agreed to allow online sales from 8pm Monday 20th June.



What you need to know for LRS.

1. LRS Titles will have a generic LRS image, Artist/Title/Price info only.
2. From 9am they begin to appear on our online store page.
3. First come first served .
4. To order place order as you would normally.
5. If successful it will be reserved to collect on or after the day (within 14 days). No need for payment until collection.
6. Some titles will have an advance release date.
7. These can be picked up on or after the date (within 14 days).
8. If successful - you will receive an e mail to confirm.
9. All titles a very very limited.
10. Set your alarm clock and good luck!

*Just to note on 4th September our shop will be open but not until 11am (to allow us to deal with LRS interest). Our shop will stay open an extra hour until 5pm.

Now an important fixture in the music retail calendar for UK record retailers, labels and music fans alike, Love Record Stores is being supported by The Association of independent Music (AIM) and will be an opportunity for the independent music community to come together to support record stores who , like many other businesses, have faced difficult trading conditions throughout the pandemic. A wide range of record labels are already confirmed to participate in Love Record Stores 2021 with full details of the exclusive releases available announced in the near future.

Limited edition releases available via over 130 stores .You can find more about the day on the organisers website at the

Please note this is nothing to do with RSD and a completely seperate event. LRS TITLES (expected) these will be displayed on our Website Online Store page until sold, they will carry generic LOVE RECORD STORES image , as most of the titles will be well known , there will be minimal information but advice about colourway or variant


November ? shop open 8am-2pm
Our shop will open at 8am with social distancing and ONE IN ONE OUT. Any last minute restrictions would be advised.
*If unable to make it to shop on the day we will take text messages after 9am to 07904688739 and advise ASAP  if titles requested are still in stock.

*Black Friday is the perfect excuse to celebrate both the releases themselves and the unique indie record stores who carry them. Cheap, mass produced frenzy is definately not the goal. Not all UK Record shops participate in this event BUT WE DO.

Q: When is  Black Friday?
A: Always the day after Thanksgiving

Q: What will be available on the day?
A: Selection of titles that are extremely limited as this is a U.S.A. event, small amounts make it to the UK,Europe and beyond.

Q: How will i know what will arrive?
A: We will list all incoming titles on our Website RSD page.

Q: How much will they cost?
A: Prices will be displayed next to titles once they have arrived so check ahead of the day.

Q: What time does VOD Music Record shop open on Black Friday?
A: We will be open at 8am to facilitate people on their way to work or returning from night shift.

Q: What time does VOD Music Record shop close on Black Friday?A: This year it will be 2pm for to allow set up of our Record Fair the following day at Ty Pawb in Wrexham (left overs be on our stall that day).

Q: How many can i purchase?
A: As titles are even more limited than RSD and fewer releases it will be 1 of each title up to a maximum of
5 titles. OK to rejoin any queue if you need more than 5.

Q: Can i Pre order? A: No items can be reserved, purely on a first come first served basis.

Note, whilst this is not RSD, with Black Friday titles so limited if you are desperate to pick up something of the list it is a good idea to get to the shop ahead of opening time.

Once priced take that as confirmation they will be at our shop on Black Friday but most likely just ONE or TWO of each with the odd exception due to very limited UK numbers of each title....

2022 BLACK FRIDAY TITLES...updated right up to the day

Note almost are just one or two of each due to limited amount arriving to the UK.

* Finally, its November so 8am starts can be on the chilly side so make sure warm clothing is too hand.